• Mission Critical IT systems

    Server Consolidation and Virtualisation of Enterprise Businesses

    Consolidating physical servers into virtual computing resources where applications can tap the required amount of computing power, as and when situation calls depending on the situation.

    Server Systems for Enterprise Applications

    Using Unix, Microsoft and Linux technologies to provide enterprise solutions that readily scale as businesses grow.

    Enterprise Storage and Backup

    Unleashing the high availability and robust disaster recovery power of high-end storage systems, their data sharing, centralised storage management, and efficient backup and restore needed to capture, store, manage, and access e-services data.

    Enterprise Management and Productivity Solutions

    Offering enterprises the means to monitor the pulse and manage their mission-critical systems that are essential to support and meet demands on performance levels from customers around-the-world and round-the-clock.

    Large Scale and Mission-Critical Systems Deployment

    Guaranteeing the shortest time-to-market implementation for mass roll-out of systems and applications over large geographical areas and diversified user base with mission-critical deadlines.

  • Consulting

    We provide solutions through an integrated package of services consisting of strategic consulting, the design of information architectures and end user interfaces, and the development and customization of software necessary to implement Business solutions. We deploy an integrated, multi-disciplinary team approach to develop solutions for our clients. Our consultants have expertise in a broad range of disciplines and we develop solutions that utilize the latest proven technologies to transform business.

    As we build solutions and integrate it with the client’s back-end systems, our technology competency plays an important role. Our technology consultants are skilled in leading edge internet-based platforms and exploit the latest proven technologies to transform business.

  • IT Applications

    Enterprise Content and Business Process Management

    Providing application for enterprise imaging and workflow to manage large volume streams of information and operational content within an enterprise.

    Enterprise Portal and Knowledge Management

    Integrating enterprise’s entire information and knowledge into a single desktop interface, are part of our Enterprise Information Portal and Knowledge Management solutions.

    Customized Solutions

    With respect to the application layer, most of our solutions are customized as the products we used typically provide us the “engines”. However, for customers whose requirements cannot be readily met, we will offer a customized approach.